Springfield Clinic is pleased to announce an affiliation with Runde Clinic in Teutopolis, now named Springfield Clinic Runde, and to welcome Eric Bloemer, MD, Brittany Denton, APRN, CNP, Hank Habing, APRN, CNP, Becky McGinnis, APRN, CNP, and Emily Nosbisch, APRN, CNP. The clinic has been serving patients in Teutopolis and surrounding counties for more than 35 years. 

“Family medicine allows me to interact with people on a one-on-one basis and really get to know them,” says Dr. Bloemer.

This location includes 12 exam rooms, a procedure room and a consultation room. The facility also includes locally-owned Kremer Pharmacy in an adjoining suite. Lab and radiology services are also available on-site.

Dr. Bloemer and team are excited to partner with Springfield Clinic to continue providing excellent patient care for patients from throughout the Teutopolis area. “The most gratifying piece of my job is taking care of people and seeing them get better,” he says.

Dr. Bloemer and team will provide care at their current office, located at 206 N. Pearl in Teutopolis.