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Springfield Clinic Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Excellence: Prevent, Peak, Perform, Play 

SCORE P4 is intended to be a safe, effective and supervised program in which physical therapists and athletic trainers will work with participants to focus on Preventing the risk of injury, helping achieve Peak Performance and helping to improve ability and confidence returning to Play. Specifically, this program is for active individuals and athletes returning from injury and targeting returns to their sports or usual recreational activities. Primary goals of the program will be to improve strength, speed, and power, particularly with higher level activity that may not be possible in a typical physical therapy environment or within the potential limitations or visit restrictions of insurance-based care. 

Who Qualifies?

SCORE P4 is open to all individuals with significant knee reconstructive surgeries, including ACL reconstruction, MPFL, meniscus repairs and PCLs that are looking to return to higher level activities.

When Can You Start?

Individuals can enter the program at 4 to 5 months (post-operation). Patient will be referred by provider in conjunction with the physical therapist and have a functional test score of at least 70%.


Group discounts available for groups of 2-4. A limited number of partial financial scholarships may be available. Please request additional information if needed.

Your Program

Your program will consist of 16 individualized sessions based on testing performed at your first session. The rest of your program will have a similar structure:

One session per week will focus on speed/agility.

One session per week will focus on power/jumping.

All sessions will work on strength and proprioceptive activities key to ACL prevention and recovery.

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Our Locations

SCORE P4 patients will be seen on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. at Springfield Clinic Rehabilitation Services - Monroe.

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Springfield Clinic Rehabilitation Services - Monroe

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