Springfield Clinic patient Tammi U.* found completing physical therapy to be a bittersweet experience when she had her last appointment in January 2023. 

“I missed them,” she shared in a review of her experience, using Springfield Clinic’s patient experience online form. “I missed their smiling faces.” 

Of course, Tammi was ecstatic to have full use of her right arm again. She had fallen in May 2022 and torn her rotator cuff and bicep. Her insurance required her to see a physical therapist before she had surgery, and then she continued therapy after surgery until January of this year. 

What struck Tammi the most was the overall atmosphere in the Rehabilitation Services area of the Springfield Clinic 1st - 800 Building. 

“When you walk in, there’s just this atmosphere of they all seem to like their job and get along,” Tammi said. “They all greeted me with a smile and made me feel like they were happy to see me. It’s a breath of fresh air to see so much harmony in one department. You go in, and you almost feel no pain already.” 

By the time she said goodbye at her last appointment, Tammi wanted to give all the people she had seen a shout-out because she didn’t see as many reviews online for the physical therapy team as she did for other doctors. 

“Hunter and Quincy at the reception desk were delightful,” she wrote in her review, “and the PTAs and DPTs were all wonderful: Jeff Koester, Isaac Beyer, Kendra Miller and Kyle Johnson.” 

No one looks forward to being injured and needing treatment, of course. But Tammi feels confident that she would be in good hands if she ever had the need for physical therapy again. 

*Name and experience shared with Tammi’s permission.