Recent developments in glucose monitoring have proven to be beneficial to people with diabetes. Gone are the days of four finger pricks each day; now, patients can wear devices that take regular glucose readings 24/7. These continuous glucose monitors take a sequence of blood sugar checks and even provide blood sugar trends that help predict high or low blood sugar before it happens.

For the first time, though, the Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is taking it one step further: this small, inconspicuous device can be implanted, so it’s never in danger of falling off. Additionally, Eversense syncs only with a smartphone app, so you won’t have to juggle a second device to take your glucose readings.

Amanda Sedivy, PA-C, is currently the only person in Springfield who is certified to implant the Eversense CGM. “If patients are checking blood sugar in the traditional way, the Eversense monitor could significantly make their lives easier. This device is going to do most of the work for them.”

Implanting the FDA-approved Eversense sensor is easy as well. The procedure takes about 15 minutes in the office, and with a topical anesthetic causes little to no discomfort. After the first procedure, you only have to have the sensor re-implanted every 90 days. The sensor syncs with your smartphone app within minutes and from then on it takes your blood sugar every five minutes. “We can find out so much more information with that data,” says Amanda, “to be able to help the patient control their diabetes so much better.”

With this technology, Amanda and her colleagues are able to see blood sugar readings in real time, without you having to bring them in physically. For example, if you were to experience a low week or day, you could call Amanda, who could look at your readings from Eversense. She could then tell you where she thinks the issue is and what steps you could take to feel better. The app is also user friendly, and Eversense offers 24/7 tech support if you experience any issues.

Amanda has been with Springfield Clinic for 10 years and the Diabetes Wellness Center for four. She loves how the DWC has allowed her to get her patients with diabetes set up with appointments with foot or eye specialists or get them information or education quickly and conveniently. While most of those appointments can now be held in the DWC, being a part of Springfield Clinic’s community also gives Amanda access to specialists who she can refer patients to if they need further care.

Call 217.528.7541 or toll free 800.444.7541 for more information about the Eversense CGM or to make an appointment with Amanda. The Diabetes Wellness Center is located at Springfield Clinic Carpenter at 350 West Carpenter Street in Springfield.